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Regenerative Future

“What if we shift the perspective, and instead of a bad guy we see life giving plant food?”

Can we Shift from Crisis to a Journey of Abundance?

We hear the planet is reaching a breaking point.

Our climate is in chaos. Our resources are depleting. Our future is unpredictable.
And if all of that wasn’t bad enough these messages can cause us to run out of something else too – hope.

But what if we can flip this on its head?
Tip the scales entirely?

What happens if we stop focusing on where we need to restrict, and set our sights on something much more beautiful and motivational instead?

Is it possible to build lives where we thrive, and do it whilst healing the planet at the same time?

Well, these are the questions that this project sets out to answer.

I hope you’ll join us for the journey!

Teaming Up With Nature


It took billions of years for this planet to establish with complex cycles of life.
Building blocks moving, creating, recycling.
Relationships forming, supporting, evolving.

Nature has learnt to adapt, to self heal, and to thrive.

Nature knows nothing of waste.
And everything from the microscopic to the gigantic plays a role within this extraordinary machine of constant creation.

But it took a mere spec of time for balance to be lost.
We started to see ourselves as seperate from the finely tuned eco-systems that surround us.

And in that lies not the problem, but the solution.

Because it requires nothing more than a switch in mindset to start turning things around.
To recognise the value of teaming up with nature, rather than controlling her.

Though to do that would require us to work together too.


Teaming Up With Each Other


I believe we have everything needed in our modern world to make a rapid turn around:

Generations of research and knowledge.
Technology and equipment accessible to all.
An ability to communicate, to share, to collaborate instantly. No matter the location.

And perhaps most importantly of all. A desire to improve the health of our planet.

Solutions can be easy in theory, but far more complex when in comes to working them into our fast moving societies.

‘We Are Carbon’ will also dive into the ‘human’ aspect of the picture, as we start to consider what it might look like for such large societies and nature to thrive alongside one another.

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The Podcast

Published as both audio and video podcasts, these full length interviews provide a deeper exploration and understanding of the topics covered.


Bitesized animations help to illustrate some of the key concepts from the project for a quick bit of coffee break learning!


‘We Are Carbon’ sets out to turn our current ‘climate crisis’ on it’s head.

To consider not where we need to restrict, but how we can heal and rebalance our planet while providing ourselves with lives that are abundant.

It’s an ambition that needs a lot of consideration.
It requires bringing together depths of knowledge and scientific understanding on topics as broad as eco-systems, agriculture, technology, business, finance & more.

It requires to be looked at from various perspectives, from factual data to visionary openness.

To do a thorough job of this I’ve decided to use multiple formats:
– a podcast for in-depth discussion
– animations to illustrate key concepts
– a network & cohort experience for building connections & taking action

– a documentary to bring all the insights together

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The Feature Length Documentary

As the main feature of ‘We Are Carbon’ the documentary will pull together the mix of topics and concepts explored, to look at the bigger picture & how it all connects together.

If it’s possible for a modern society to live in harmony with nature; to thrive alongside nature, then what would it look like? And how could we take steps towards it?

The Format: The documentary will bring together a combination of video, animation and interview footage.

The Timeframe: Development of the documentary has started in early 2022, the length of production will be heavily dependent upon the level of support received so I will provide updates as things progress.

Who’s Involved?

Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher

[Director / Producer]

‘We Are Carbon’ is an expansion to my vision and ambitions for Winglewood.

I take a very holistic view of the world and find enormous hope when we expand our thinking outwards and consider our issues as interconnected.
It can be a challenge to communicate this ‘full picture’, especially when we are used to information that is very one sided or considers a problem in isolation.

Using the topic of carbon, this documentary and its expanded content is a ‘pilot’ project for me, one which I plan to follow up with other topics in the future.

Working primarily on my own at this time I’ve been absolutely delighted to be supported by many amazing people willing to give their time and share their knowledge relating to this expansive subject.


Please learn more about the contributors below.

Your Support

This ambitious project has so far been self-funded, mainly through the dedication of available time.

I’m now seeking outside support to move things forward.

The ways you can help:

Spread The Word!

Being independently produced and distributed means that your support in spreading the word can go a very long way!

If you’re eagerly following along then please consider sharing the project with your friends and family!

One Time Donation

If you would like to support the project further then you can make a one time donation of any size using the link below.

Your donations go a huge way towards making this possible and I am truly very grateful!

Partnership / Sponsorship

If you’re interested in supporting ‘We Are Carbon’ through a project or business partnership then I’d be delighted to hear from you!

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