Cade Frost

Founder and CEO of Good Ground Innovation, a biotechnology and product development holdings company. Mr. Frost is a patented inventor, artist and athlete. 

His professional background includes operations, facilities, and team management, at the executive level, both in corporate and privately‐held institutions. His educational background includes high honors, a paid research grant for NASA’s ASCEND program, in engineering, completed ASU’s Poder program for social entrepreneurism and recently passed MIT’s Social Impact For Business course.

He currently resides in San Francisco, California. He identifies as an FtM on the gender spectrum. His advocacy involves crushing misconceptions over what trans people are capable of, building bridges to awareness, while teaching others that they are the exception, not a statistic, to a prewritten reality they did not author. 

Previous positioned experience:
Vice-President of Sales (Private)
Regional Director of Sales over nine markets (Private)
District & General Management (Corporate & Private)
Previous NASA grant recipient (Mechanical engineering)


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