Peter Lundgard

Peter Lundgard grew up on a mixed farm in the Peace River region in north western Alberta Canada.

After studying agriculture at college Peter started farming in 1978. Experiencing that some of the models learned at college didn’t work so well Peter started on a lifelong learning adventure of Regenerative Agriculture.
Studying Holistic Management(Allan Savory), Eco Agriculture (Acres USA)Mineral Balancing Soil (William Albrecht) Traditional Nutrition (Weston A Price).

Peter has adapted and developed models to raise grass fed beef and lamb, pasture chicken, fermented grain fed pork, leafcutter bee management for crop pollination and pollen harvesting, alfalfa seed harvesting, pasture and winter feeding management.

Peter along with his wife Mary own and manage Nature’s Way Farm as well as Regen Eco Ag (consulting offering a framework for regenerative agriculture).

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