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“What if we shift the perspective, and instead of a bad guy we see life giving plant food?”

Can we Shift from Crisis to a Journey of Abundance?

We hear the planet is reaching a breaking point.

Our climate is in chaos. Our resources are depleting. Our future is unpredictable.
And if all of that wasn’t bad enough these messages can cause us to run out of something else too – hope.

But what if we can flip this on its head?
Tip the scales entirely?

What happens if we stop focusing on where we need to restrict, and set our sights on something much more beautiful and motivational instead?

Is it possible to build lives where we thrive, and do it whilst healing the planet at the same time?


Well, the beautiful thing is it’s already happening!

Right across the globe there are pockets of incredible people researching, demonstrating and just getting on with it!

They’re proving that with a shift of mindset society can thrive if only we allow nature to thrive and be our teacher.


But a mindset shift isn’t easy.

And that’s why I’ve created We Are Carbon.

By supporting and amplifying one another’s efforts we can help to shift our societal ecosystems towards the direction of regeneration.

From the bottom upwards.

Like the seeds and the mycelium and the microbes within the soil; collaborating together to build a fertility that’s so resilient it just has to push upwards with an abundance that can no longer be ignored!

Hello, I’m Helen.

Holistic thinker | Animator | Story Teller | Lover of Nature

To step on to the path of regeneration usually means we’ve seen our fair share of destruction.
It could be declining ecosystems and the impact of our society on the world around us.
Or equally the effects it’s all having on our own health & happiness, or that of the people we love.

We can feel alone in what we see. I’ve certainly been there myself.
But now I focus on feeling connected.

I’m hugely inspired by the incredible people across the world who are bucking the trend and doing things differently.

Alone it feels overwhelming. But together it can be exciting and fun.

An Animator Passionate About the Story of Regeneration!

I bring my knowledge and enthusiam on a range of regenerative topics to support businesses large and small in sharing their own story and solutions.

Helen Fisher. We Are Carbon

Helen Fisher – Creator ‘We Are Carbon’

Fancy A Virtual Coffee Together?

I’m dedicated to using my creativity to amplify the work of regenerators worldwide.
I love learning about what you’re up to in general, along with exploring if we might be a good fit to work together.

I can help bring your story to life through writing, illustration and animation.

Let me know if you'd like to chat!

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