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The ‘We Are Carbon’ animation service is focused on sharing the messages of organisations & individuals who are paving the way to a more regenerative future.

For a bespoke animation service where we develop your perfect presentation together from start to finish, continue on this page.

To explore customising our pre-made templates for convenient, cost effect short animated messaging
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Bespoke Animation Service

How it Works:

We discuss and hone in on your message, then produce an animation to the length that best suits the application you have in mind.

My knowledge and enthusiasm around regenerative solutions means that creating an animation together is a streamlined and enjoyable process.

Let Me Take Care of Everything

  • Script writing
  • Story boarding
  • Illustrating
  • Animating
  • Narrating and sound (I can out source to find the right fit for your voice over & music)

I’ll involve you in the process start to finish so you can guide things along as much or as little as you like. 

Creating an animation that’s on time, on budget and on point!

Your animation is yours to use as you please!
Swiftly share your message to customers, investors & supporters in convenient and creative ways.

Topics Covered:

I specialise in messages of regeneration.
Centred around positive & healing solutions for people & planet, including but not limited to:

– Land Regeneration (soil health & agricultural practices)

– Biodiversity (valuing & supporting)

– Circular Economy (inc. reduction of toxins & fossil fuel dependency)

– Ecosystem Services (understanding & supporting)

– Integration within Society (finance, collaboration, community & a changing world)


Example of the animation styling.

Examples Of Previous Work

Client: Biome Makers

Topic: Where Does Food Begin?

Exploring the role of soil microbiology in providing resilient and nutrient dense crops.

Biome Makers Website.

Client: Living Buildings

Topic: Aligning Buildings With The Sun.

Exploring the principles of regenerative architecture and how building practises can make the most efficient use of solar energy, be the least extractive to implement and maintain and provide the greatest generational impact.

Living Buildings Website.

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