Do You Have A Climate Positive Story To Tell?

The ‘We Are Carbon’ animation service is seeking to work with aligned businesses –

To spread the messages around regenerative climate solutions in a clear & digestible way!

How it Works:

We discuss and hone in on your message, then produce an animation to the length that best suits the application you have in mind.

The animation will be in the ‘We Are Carbon’ style as seen throughout this website.

Your animation is yours to use as you please!
Swiftly share your message to customers, investors & supporters in convenient and creative ways.

As aligned businesses we each promote one another’s work. The ‘We Are Carbon’ brand will feature in your animation and your message will be shared with our growing audience (unless for any reason you’d rather it wasn’t!)

A Growing Network:

This service is just being launched.

Revenue from the animations will be used to support both the production of content throughout the ‘We Are Carbon’ project, along with the promotion of everything here, including these ‘partnered’ animations.

This will mean continued growth of the audience we can get your message in front of.

Topics We Cover:

Our messages centre around positive & healing solutions for people & planet, including but not limited to:

– Land Regeneration (soil health & agricultural practices)

– Biodiversity (valuing & supporting)

– Circular Economy (inc. reduction of toxins & fossil fuel dependency)

– Ecosystem Services (understanding & supporting)

– Integration within Society (finance, collaboration, a changing world)


Example of the animation styling.

The Sky’s The Limit!

I’m open to discuss your creative ways of teaming up together!

– Could you offer other partner benefits to a growing climate focused audience?

– Are you interested in sponsoring a group of animations to be produced for organisations who wouldn’t otherwise afford their own?

– Would animation be a great asset within your online course?

I’d love to hear your ideas!

Enquire Today!

Please use this form if you’d like to discuss an animation or have any questions or suggestions:

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Latest From The Podcast

Find a new interview every other Tuesday.

Average length: 1 hour.


‘We Are Carbon’ sets out to turn our current ‘climate crisis’ on it’s head.

To consider not where we need to restrict, but how we can heal and rebalance our planet while providing ourselves with lives that are abundant.

It’s an ambition that needs a lot of consideration.
It requires bringing together depths of knowledge and scientific understanding on topics as broad as eco-systems, agriculture, technology, business, finance & more.

It requires to be looked at from various perspectives, from factual data to visionary openness.

To do a thorough job of this I’ve decided to use multiple formats:
- a podcast for indepth discussion
- animations to illustrate key concepts
- and in the long term, a documentary to bring it all together

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