Lara Hussein

Every time a fruit or vegetable peel or seed is thrown in the garbage bin as general waste, we are throwing away a life full of nutrients along with the resources (water, land, energy and money!) that were invested in growing it.
What if there is a simple solution to save this life and resources? And by doing this, we save money, protect our personal and public health and environment, heal degraded soil, sequester carbon, and create new jobs, to name a few? What if WE can do something about it?
Introducing The Waste Lab, a Dubai-based, women-owned, and impact driven local startup that will empower and will join forces with you as an individual, as a community and as a business to rescue food scraps and organic waste, starting from the UAE, from going to waste and to find ways to repurpose them for the benefit our local soil, local health, local environment and local jobs.

Lara Hussein is the co-founder of The Waste Lab. She has 15 years of international experience developing tech-enabled solutions, loyalty programs, CRM and customer outreach programs across multiple industries. Together, with her co-founder, Ceylan √úren, who is a worldly architect and lighting designer, they have understood that the only way to live a positive, healthy and balanced life is by forming a harmonious relationship with nature and by regenerating the very foundation of its and our existence: the soil.

Instagram: @thewastelab

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