S3 | Episode TwoJan 23rd 2024

My Common Sense Take
On Soil –

Paving a Path to Whole Systems Thinking.

Welcome to this new additional format for the podcast!

We’ll still be having fresh interviews alongside but today’s episode is a bit different; a personal dialogue that I’ve written and recorded to (hopefully) help birth an appreciation of soil through the lens of whole systems thinking.

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I’m joined throughout with guests from our other episodes –

You’ll hear from Tony Rinaudo and his struggles trying to reestablish life in the degraded soils of Africa, along with his development of F.M.N.R that completely turned things around. The full episode with Tony can be found here. 

Jason Freeman of Farmer Direct Organic joins us to help us understand the impacts the chemical agriculture has on our soils and food. The full interview with Jason will be published later this Spring so subscribe for notifications!

Sheila Cooke of 3LM (The Savory Network Hub for UK and Ireland) shares her wisdom of holistic management to take our knowledge deeper when understanding the complexity and functions within a healthy ecosystem. The full interview with Sheila can be found here. 

Additional resources will be added soon!

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00 – Awe for the Soil Microbiome & it’s connection with all life
02:20 – Introducing the format
04:05 – Zooming out to see what’s missing in the ecosystem
07:20 – How are we surrounded by so much bare ground?!
11:27 – Soil is a factory (ecosystem analogy)
18:18 – Tony Rinaudo – Degraded land in Africa
23:05 – Tony Rinaudo – Regenerating with F.M.N.R
29:06 – Impacts of agriculture in temperate climates
32:44 – Jason Freeman – Chemical farming and the detriment on soil and food
35:50 – Nature’s complexity and abundance
38:18 – Sheila Cooke – Holistic thinking and ever evolving ecosystems

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