S3 | Episode FourFeb 22nd 2024

My Common Sense Take
Can Farming Actually Help Soil?

Exploring the Mindset of Regeneration.

This episode brings my own personal dialogue exploring our farming system through a regenerative lens.
A stark realisation of not only how bizarre it is, but of the potential we have as humans to step in, turn the tide and become a beneficial element from this place forward.

This journey is given life and rooted down by the insights and experiences of three wonderful guests from the podcast. 

This is the second episode in this format. The first one where we take a journey through the question ‘So.. What Even is Soil?!’ can be found here.

Learn More From Our Wonderful Guests!

I’m joined throughout this episode by these three guests (in the order that they feature).

Agroforestry producer Bernadette Millard helps us appreciate the potential of perennial foods.
She shares experiences from her journey transforming her farm, Lizq Oasis in the desert borderlands of Oman into a thriving oasis.
The full We Are Carbon episode with Bernadette can be found here.

Organic farmer Hannah Thorogood offers insights into why we should be imitating nature with our raising of livestock.
She utilises permaculture and holistic grazing on her 130 acre farm, The Inkpot Organic Farm in the UK. [Find the Inkpot on Instagram | Facebook]
The original We Are Carbon episode with Hannah can be found here – as part of a compilation about building a local food system.

And filmmaker and wrangler of scientists Peter Byck has helped to lead an extensive project with a wide range of scientists who have studied nature side by side on farms using regenerative grazing compared with farms grazing conventionally.
Peter’s full interview for We Are Carbon will be published in early summer.
In the meantime you can learn more about this extensive research project and the corresponding film series ‘Roots So Deep, You Can See The Devil Down There’.

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00 – The abundance of nature
02:16 – Introducing the episode
03:43 – Focus one: Soil structure
05:13 – Focus two: Building beneficial connections
07:40 – Focus three: Supporting cycling, so decay can feed growth
11:15 – Bernadette Millard – Abundance from agroforestry & perennial foods in Oman
19:41 – Human destruction through disconnecting the system
23:20 – Hannah Thorogood – Regenerative grazing; returning livestock to land
28:37 – Imitate nature = return to abundance
31:02 – Peter Byck – Weaving it all together and backing it with science

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