S3 | Episode ThreeFeb 6th 2024

Topic 2: A Farming Transition

In Conversation With: Patrick Holden

Founder: The Sustainable Food Trust

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It was a great pleasure to be joined by Patrick Holden for a conversation exploring the challenges and paths to creating food and farming systems that work in closer harmony with nature.

Patrick is the founder and CEO of ‘The Sustainable Food Trust’ and he has a great range of insights to offer around this topic.

We discuss what our diets would need to look like if we were to achieve a transition to sustainable and regenerative farming across the whole of the UK, along with the problem of dishonest pricing within our food system.

We also touch on why Patrick is optimistic that change is possible due to a trend of more and more people taking an interest in the story of their food.

For a further breakdown of this discussion see the timestamps below, and use the references section to explore more deeply into the reports by The Sustainable Food Trust and other further reading that Patrick suggests.

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The Sustainable Food Trust
Head to the website to learn about their broad range of work and subscribe to the newsletter! 

Feeding Britain From The Ground Up
Read the key findings and download the full report mentioned by Patrick.

The Hidden Cost of UK Food
Learn about the True Cost Accounting project by the Sustainable Food Trust and download the report mentioned by Patrick.

Ultra Processed People
Book recommendation written by Chris Van Tulleken

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00 – Intro
02:16 – About Patrick
03:24 – Why is cheap food not really so cheap??
11:47 – True Cost Accounting
15:12 – The impact of food production on our energy & vitality
22:52 – Would we have enough food if all farming became regenerative?
26:02 – What does a sustainable diet look like?
34:44 – Multiple Approaches of The Sustainable Food Trust
44:55 – What steps can a farmer take if they’d like to transition?
48:03 – Do you feel we’re on track to move things forward?

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