S3 | Video Companion to Episode OneJan 16th 2024

From Healthy Soil comes Healthy Food

Taken from my conversation with Claire Mackenzie this video offers an overview of the significance of soil and the farming transition that’s pushing to ensure that great food & beautiful ecosystems remain available.


* Why soil health matters
* How farming impacts the soil
* Regenerating people through farming
* The diversity of regenerative agriculture

Claire is the producer of the documentary ‘Six Inches Of Soil’ which is now being launched (Jan 2024).

You can find the full hour long conversation I had with Claire by CLICKING HERE.

And explore the references section below for further resources on soil and regenerative farming. 

Click for References

Six Inches Of Soil
Head to the website to learn all about film screenings, digging deeper with their partners and to follow this work on social media!

From The Ground Up
This is the previous farming related production created by Claire and Colin and includes some of the farmers mentioned in this podcast.
It’s a wonderful piece for farmers seeking an overview of the benefits, nuances and experimental mindset of transitioning to more regenerative land practises.

* Details on the percentage of land area farmed organically in the UK taken from a government report from 2022 

* The following references relate to the nutritional density in our foods and the impact that soil health has on this:

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00 – Introduction
03:30 – Why how we farm is critical to soil health?
06:46 – An Overview [with animation]
09:08 – Are farmers leading the change?
11:00 – Regenerating land = regenerating people
13:22 – The diversity of regenerative farming
15:45 – Six Inches Of Soil – Ready to get launched!

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