S3 | Video Companion to Episode TwoFeb 13th 2024

Can All Food Be Regenerative?

Taken from my conversation with Patrick Holden this video explores the potential of producing all of our food within regenerative farming systems. Uncovering why a nourishing diet requires connection to healthy, diverse ecosystems & considering some of the challenges we need to overcome to create a transition at scale.


* Do we have space to produce everything through regenerative farming?
* What does a regenerative diet look like?
* The barrier of cost [dishonesty in food pricing]
* The story of food – growing awareness & understanding

Patrick Holden is the founder of The Sustainable Food Trust.

You can find the full 50 Min long conversation I had with Patrick by CLICKING HERE.

And explore the references section on this page for further resources on regenerative food and the farming transition.

Click for References

The Sustainable Food Trust
Head to the website to learn about their broad range of work and subscribe to the newsletter! 

Feeding Britain From The Ground Up
Read the key findings and download the full report mentioned by Patrick.

Measuring Sustainability
Learn more about the work of the Global Farm Metric in partnership with The Sustainable Food Trust

* The following references relate to the nutritional density in our foods and the impact that soil health has on this:

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00 – Introduction
02:10 – You Are What You Eat, Ate! [animated]
03:26 – Can Regenerative Farming Supply Us With Enough Food?
05:31 – What a Regenerative Diet Would Look Like
09:35 – The Barrier of Cost. Dishonesty in Food Pricing
13:47 – Taking awareness: The Story of Food [animated]
14:50 – Steps Forward (The Tide is Turning)

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