S3 | Episode OneJan 9th 2024

Topic 1: Soil

In Conversation With: Claire Mackenzie

Producer, Six Inches of Soil

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I’m delighted to be joined by Claire Mackenzie for a conversation focused on soil!

Claire is the producer of the documentary ‘Six Inches Of Soil’ and she helps us to get a grasp of this significant topic.
We discuss why the way that we farm impacts our soils, and why the health of those soils is so important to our future.
We also touch on some politics, the challenges and need for change and the joy and transformation that regenerative farming can bring to people alongside the land.

For a further breakdown of this discussion see the timestamps below, and use the references section to explore more deeply into ‘Six Inches of Soil’ & other topics that Claire mentions.

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Six Inches Of Soil
Head to the website to learn all about film screenings, digging deeper with their partners and to follow this work on social media.

From The Ground Up
This is the previous farming related production created by Claire and Colin and includes some of the farmers mentioned in this podcast. 
It’s a wonderful piece for farmers seeking an overview of the benefits, nuances and experimental mindset of transitioning to more regenerative land practises.

The regenerative agriculture festival mentioned by Claire

Oxford Real Farming Conference

Guy Singh-Watson (Riverford) petition to UK Government

Sustain – Alliance for better food and farming

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00 – Introduction
03:27 – About Claire
05:30 – Why a film about soil?
08:50 – Why how we farm is critical to soil health?
14:13 – Why is healthy soil important to our future?
19:40 – Are farmers leading the change?
26:45 – Does regenerative farming attrack a younger generation of farmers?
31:50 – Regenerating land = regenerating people
38:20 – The diversity of regenerative farming
45:04 – Screening the documentary & ‘Digging Deeper’
52:09 – How does Claire feel about the future of soil?

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