S3 | Episode NineMay 14th 2024

Topic 5: The Stuff We Use

In Conversation With: Sharon Kallis

Founding Director: EartHand Gleaners Society

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Join me for a conversation with Sharon Kallis who brings us thought provoking insights from her work exploring the place of textiles within our lives. Inspiring us to reconnect with ourselves, community and heal the world around us through rediscovering the materials which we wrap around ourselves and our homes.

Sharon is the founding director of EartHand Gleaners Society

Alongside her artistic and practical endeavours transforming fibres into clothing, Sharon’s work also includes community projects that layer up the opportunities for people to reconnect with one another, with plants and with place. 

Combined with a personal challenge of ‘growing her own clothing’ this all comes through to bring us a story of re-finding what it means to be human; exploring a slower, more purposeful pace of life as an outcome of acting more sustainably in the creation of the stuff we use and depend upon. 

For a further breakdown of this discussion see the timestamps below, and use the references section to find links to learn more.

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00:00 – Intro
00:07:00 – Sharon’s work integrating textiles within community gardens
00:16:40 – Connectivity, well being & complexity
00:28:08 – Challenges of community land access
00:34:26 – Invasive plant species for textile use
00:37:52 – Modern disconnection & unsustainable textiles
00:48:08 – Growing your own clothes! Sharon’s journey
01:02:27 – The steps we can all take towards more sustainable textiles

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