S3 | Episode FiveMarch 7th 2024

Topic 3: From Farm to Fork

In Conversation With: Jason Freeman

Founder: Farmer Direct Organic

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It was wonderful to be joined by Jason Freeman for a conversation that brings insights from his experience running a farmer owned co-op & organic retail brand which address the challenges of bringing fairer and more transparent connections between organic food producers and consumers.

Jason is the founder and CEO of ‘Farmer Direct Organic’.

We discuss why our current large scale systems of agriculture and food supply create a barrier for transitioning to more sustainable farming approaches, along with the obstacles it causes for consumers who are seeking food choices that are healthy for themselves and nature.

We also learn of Jason’s journey in creating a farmer owned co-operative, the values and approaches that brought it success, and his later move to his current business ‘Farmer Direct Organic’.

For a further breakdown of this discussion see the timestamps below, and use the references section to find further We Are Carbon episodes that explore the topic of transitioning food supply.  

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Farmer Direct Organic
Head to the website to learn about Jason’s business 


Other We Are Carbon episodes focused on transforming food supply:

Evolving the Local Food System  – A compilation with 4 guests in my home county of Lincolnshire

Local Food Ecosystems – in conversation with Duncan Catchpole, Founder of the Cambridge Food Hub

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00 – Jason Intro & importance of soil health
02:05 – Welcome to episode
04:17 – Soil health, nutrition and human health
07:18 – How our systems of agriculture can be a barrier to transitioning farming practices
14:11 – Systems change from the bottom up
22:57 – Connecting farmers and consumers – Jason’s journey creating a farmer owned co-op
36:21 – Stepping away from the co-op & the new business
39:56 – Traceability and pesticide testing
46:07 – The future of supply for organic and regenerative foods?
52:33 – Learning more / connecting with Jason

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