S3 | Episode SixMarch 19th 2024

Topic 4: Within Our Gardens

In Conversation With: Daniel Deniaud-Powell

Co-Owner: Des Heures Dehors

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I was delighted to be joined by Daniel Deniaud-Powell for a conversation about the wonderful potential of our gardens for supporting both biodiversity and food production, and exploring the practical steps we might take to bring such enrichment into our own green spaces and lives.

Daniel co-owns and runs ‘Des Heures Dehors’ with his wife Hélène.

His passion and connection to nature is clear, and he has a wide range of experience producing food, designing gardens and food forests and running unique enterprises; such an edible flower farm, to make small scale growing profitable.

We touch on all of this alongside gleaning some very practical guidance for anyone considering creating an edible, biodiversity garden. 

For a further breakdown of this discussion see the timestamps below, and use the references section to find links out to Daniel’s work and a range of further resources that he mentions. 

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00:00 – Intro
00:05:12 – What is an Edible biodiversity garden?
00:09:15 – Soil health & principles from regenerative farming
00:12:44 – Supporting diversity / creating an ecosystem
00:18:34 – Our bad relationship with creepy crawlies & creatures in our spaces
00:24:33 – Nature isn’t fully functioning – rewilding through standing back OR taking action?
00:27:49 – Daniel’s dream garden
00:31:58 – Daniel’s favourite species to include in a garden design
00:35:50 – Including food in the biodiversity garden
00:41:19 – How to produce food with low maintenance – approach and plant suggestions
00:48:08 – Commercial business from a small growing space
00:55:39 – Gardens at restaurants / working with chefs
01:03:10 – Current focuses

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