S3 | Episode ThirteenJuly 9th 2024

Topic 2: A Farming Transition

In Conversation With: Jackson Buzingo

Regenerative Farmer & Educator – Tanzania, East Africa

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Jackson Buzingo is a multi-generational small holder farmer who grew up facing the challenges of a changing landscape in Tanzania, East Africa.
As he witnessed rivers running dry and crops failing he set out to find a solution.

In Season 1 of the podcast Jackson shared his journey of learning about regenerative practices in agriculture. He brought his passion to the communities around him, educating hundreds of small holder farmers and establishing small demonstration farms and food forests that have since inspired with their ability to produce when surrounding lands are dry and struggling.

In this episode we catch up with Jackson over two years later. We speak at a turning point in his journey where he’s taking the first steps to establish his own regenerative farm in Western Tanzania. This time to become an example of a profitable business model for smallholder farmers rather than as purely a demonstration for regeneration. Jackson offers a wide range of insights into the steps that he plans to take with his farm along with exploring some of the barriers that are holding back a wider spread transition within the communities around him.

For a further breakdown of this discussion see the timestamps below, and use the references section to find links to learn more.

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A breakdown of the discussion:
00:00 – Intro
02:57 – First steps on the new farm
05:23 – Why this farm differs from the demo farms
07:52 – Trees and layers in the new farm
09:18 – Climate struggles & barriers to transition
14:03 – Conventional farming struggles – tobacco dominance and deforestation
16:39 – Hope & inspiration from food forests
23:51 – Plan and progression for the new farm
31:23 – Access to seeds
36:25 – Access to food for local communities
37:36 – Building awareness & momentum for regeneration

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