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Build engagement around your regenerative work
with made for you animated templates.

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This is a new service and is continually developing.
Beyond the existing templates shown on this page we can also create new content together.  

Easy & Low Cost

Receive customised animations ready to post at a click. Priced at a fraction of the cost of commisioning from scratch. Learn More


Post to social media or embed directly to your website. Each template is available in a range of dimensions.
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Wider Awareness

Every template purchased helps to crowd fund the creation of the ‘We Are Carbon’ animated story.
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Choose A Template

Template 1) Nature Draws Down Carbon
Price: £26.00

Template 2) Soil Life
Price: £26.00

Template 3) Ecosystems
Price: £26.00

Above you’ll find early examples of ‘Regen Snapshot’ templates.

Each template is available in a range of dimensions which you’ll be able to choose from within the customise options after checkout.

See the order process here.
Find details for customising & usage here.

Let’s Create Together!

Together we have the ability to combine your understanding of your work and audience with the creativity of putting pen to paper and developing new ‘Regen Snapshots’ that support it.

The ambition is to enable more and more regenerative businesses like yours to engage people with the value of what you’re doing, by offering a solution that’s both cost effective and convenient.

To do this best we may need to create a bespoke approach that’s perfect for your needs.

  • We could develop a content plan together so you have new weekly animations for your social media.
  • Perhaps we could do this as a group with others in your industry to share out the costs.
  • Or maybe you have a different application in mind. Animations could be licensed for use in your video productions for example.

Let me know if you have an idea to discuss!

Hear more about the thinking behind developing this service in this really short podcast episode:

The Order Process

This information applies to the pre-made templates already displayed on this page here.
For the creation of new animations please get in touch to discuss your needs.


Easy, Quick & Engaging

The process of ordering a Snapshot Animation is just a few simple steps:

  • Select your template and follow the steps to checkout
  • Fill in the simple online form to provide your custom input
  • Receive an email with 2 working days with a download link to your completed animation
  • Upload directly to your social media channels and/or embed on your website

Find more details on customising & usage here.

Keeping Costs Low

Each of these templates offers a unique opportunity for regenerative organisations to create engagement around the value of their work for an unexpectedly low price.

This works through a symbiotic approach. We aim to create templates that can meet the needs of a range of businesses whilst offering the ability to customise to your desired message and branding. You can learn more about co-creating new templates here.

Additionally these Snapshots will often utilise assets created within the wider work of We Are Carbon, particularly the ‘Animated Story of Regeneration’. Find more details here.

Customising & Usage Terms

This information applies to the pre-made templates already displayed on this page here.
For the creation of new animations please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Animation files will be provided ready to use with your custom information included.

Custom Options

After checkout you will be directed to a simple online form to submit your custom details.

These will include:

  • A choice of dimensions
  • Provide custom messaging (if desired)
  • Send your brand logo file
  • Provide your organisation name and website address (if desired to display them)
  • Provide a custom call to action (if desired)

The completed files will be provided within an email link within 2 working days of receiving your customisations.

N.B If for any reason you are not happy with your file when it arrives, including if you provided customisation info that was incorrect than please get in touch for corrections to be made. We’re all human here and are happy to help!

How to Use Your Snapshots:

  • Post on social media.
  • Embed on your website.
  • Each purchase can be used on multiple platforms.
  • If desired each purchase can be posted multiple times, i.e across a range of dates.
  • When posting feel free to include custom links to relevant content on your own website or other content you love.

Please DO NOT: Edit, crop or alter the animations in any way.

Files should be shared exactly as they are provided to you.
An exception is that you can add your own choice of music over animations directly within the social platforms (such as Instagram Stories). Only use music within the allowed lisence terms as noted by the platform.


Building Wider Awareness

The Animated Story of Regeneration

By purchasing your own snapshot animations you’ll be helping to fund the creation of an Animated Story of Regeneration by We Are Carbon.

It will be provided free to watch and share in digestible 2 – 3 min chunks.

Individually we might be small.
But together our message can become loud and clear!

As this story evolves it will feed new animated segments into the mix for developing into ever more cost effective Snapshot templates for sharing the benefits of your own work, alongside other regenerative businesses across the globe.

Part 1: How Nature Balances the Climate is nearing completion.

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