S3 | Episode TenMay 29th 2024

The Podcast Episode:

In a change from our usual conversations this episode introduces my own small project of regeneration at my home in Lincolnshire, UK.
The audio & video are different content on this occassion so it’s worth checking out both.

I began work on my food forest before reaching out to start any of the conversations for this podcast.

After learning so much from my time spent here co-creating with Nature I’d like to start sharing more of the journey with you.

The Potential in Our Growing Spaces!

Live Call: An opportunity to connect and learn together.

2nd July | 4pm BST

I’m hosting a live call for growers of any size to get together and explore the desire and challenges of inviting Nature to play more of a role in the design of our spaces.

If you have key questions or case studies that you’d like to discuss feel free to note them on the sign up page!

There’s a possibility of this becoming a reoccurring get together where we start to hone in on more specific topics.

Hosted by Helen Fisher

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