The Content

The Podcast. [Starting March 2022]

Follow the chats & in-depth discussions as my guests share a wealth of knowledge from a range of industries and experiences.

These interviews will be available as both video and audio-only formats.

Once launched, you’ll be able to find the episodes here.

Check the homepage to learn who will be contributing! 


The Animated Shorts. [Starting March 2022]

These bite-sized videos will offer a quick ‘coffee break’ education into some of the concepts and principles explored throughout ‘We Are Carbon’.

While the lengthy discussions are wonderfully insightful, these visuals are designed to help us wrap our heads around all that info in a digestible way!

By offering a mix of formats I hope you’ll find one that fits well for you – or of course you can follow them all!


The Feature Length Documentary. [Development Started Early 2022]

We Are Carbon documentary

As the main feature of ‘We Are Carbon’ the documentary will pull together the mix of topics and concepts explored to look at the bigger picture & how it all connects together.

If it’s possible for a modern society to live in harmony with nature; to thrive alongside nature, then what would it look like? And how could we take steps towards it?

The Format: The documentary will bring together a combination of video, animation and interview footage.

The Timeframe:  Development of the documentary has started in early 2022, the length of production will be heavily dependent upon the level of support received so I will provide updates as things progress.

The Support: This is an independent project and there are a number of ways that you can help with bringing things together. Learn More Here

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