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We Stand Together In Supporting Regenerative Agriculture.


The internet is awash with disagreements between vegans and meat eaters.
Can we buck the trend and create a new conversation where we stand together in our desire to support regeneration of our planet, despite our differences?

All food production has the potential to cause harm to nature and the environment. Let’s learn how to source grains, fruits, nuts & vegetables that are produced within systems that support healthy soils and ecosystems.

Avoiding chemical inputs

Animals can play a key role within regenerative farming systems, helping to replace dependency on fossil fuels & toxic inputs, and support biodiversity. (In many systems animals can offer benefits without actually being raised for products.)

Supporting Biodiversity

Some animal products will always be produced. Regardless of human choices (which is unlikely to ever become 100% vegan) there are requirements to produce food for dogs and cats for example.
Since animal farming is here to stay, it makes sense to raise awareness of regenerative and high welfare practices.

Increasing Animal Welfare

With such strong emotions connected to decisions around the choice to eat meat and animal products, it’s understandable that the topic becomes divisive.
But if a firm line is drawn due to dietary choices then a huge amount of valuable info can get left on the table.

Regenerative agriculture replaces toxic chemical inputs with functioning biodiverse systems. It is a major tool for healing the planet; for building soil, creating climate resilience, and for looking after nature and ecosystems.

The methods and practices used within regenerative agriculture are widely varied, though they will often incorporate livestock within the land to act as a functioning part of the whole regenerative system.

I’d Like to Ask For Your Help.

Can we start a conversation between vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters where we stand united on our desire to regenerate the planet?

I’m producing a documentary and I’d love to be able to find ways of communicating past the division on this.
If you have something to voice after reading through the statements above then please do share with us below!

Or contact me directly here.


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