The Podcast – Season Two

Let’s learn together & turn this climate catastrophe on its head!

Listen to insightful discussions from the voices of science, agriculture, business and more.
Forming the bigger picture so we can all become part of our regenerative future.

Hosted by Helen Fisher

Season 2  |  Episode 18.


Published on 3rd October 2023

An Interview With
Joshua Hughes

Season 2  |  Episode 17.

Published on 19th September 2023

An Interview With
Anete Garoza & Kristjan Raude

Season 2  |  Episode 16.

Published on 5th September 2023

An Interview With
Taimur Malik

Season 2  |  Episode 15.

Published on 22nd August 2023

An Interview With
Sheila Cooke

Season 2  |  Episode 14.

Published on 8th August 2023

An Interview With
Duncan Catchpole

Season 2  |  Episode 13.

Published on 25th July 2023

An Interview With
Marcus Jones

A Quick Invite!

Published on 13th July 2023

An Introduction to ‘Regen Snapshots’.

Season 2  |  Episode 12.

Published on 27th June 2023

An Interview With
Dong Xiao

Season 2  |  Episode 11.

Published on 13th June 2023

An Interview With
4 Lincolnshire Guests!

Season 2  |  Episode 10.

Published on 30th May 2023

An Interview With
Sophia Hamblin Wang

Season 2  |  Episode 9.

Published on 16th May 2023

An Interview With
Richard Tufton

Season 2  |  Episode 8.

Published on 2nd May 2023

An Interview With
Zuzanna Zielinska

Season 2  |  Episode 7.

Published on 18th April 2023

An Interview With
John Roulac

Season 2  |  Episode 6.

Published on 4th April 2023

An Interview With
Richard Dunne

Season 2  |  Episode 5.

Published on 21st March. 2023

An Interview With
Sarah Spencer

Season 2  |  Episode 4.

Published on 7th March. 2023

An Interview With
Michael Twist

Season 2  |  Episode 3.

Published on 21st Feb. 2023

An Interview With
Charlotte Prud’Homme

Season 2  |  Episode 2.

Published on 7th Feb. 2023

An Interview With
Daan Gorter

Season 2 | Episode 1.

Published on 12th Sept. 2022

An Interview With
Tony Rinaudo

Watch the Animations!

I’m creating short digestible videos to help illustrate some of the key concepts that we’re exploring!

The Latest Animation:

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

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Average length: 1 hour
(although they do vary). 

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‘We Are Carbon’ sets out to turn our current ‘climate crisis’ on it’s head.

To consider not where we need to restrict, but how we can heal and rebalance our planet while providing ourselves with lives that are abundant.

It’s an ambition that needs a lot of consideration.
It requires bringing together depths of knowledge and scientific understanding on topics as broad as eco-systems, agriculture, technology, business, finance & more.

It requires to be looked at from various perspectives, from factual data to visionary openness.

To do a thorough job of this I’ve decided to use multiple formats:
– a podcast for indepth discussion
– animations to illustrate key concepts
– collaborating with regenerative organisations to amplify their work

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Helen Fisher

Helen Fisher

The Host

I take a very holistic view of the world and find enormous hope when we expand our thinking outwards and consider our issues as interconnected.

So it’s a huge delight for me to have the opportunity to speak with so many varied personalities here.
I hope you’ll enjoy learning along with me as my guests allow me to pick their brains on the diverse topics explored by this project!

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