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How Holistic Grazing Supports the Climate!

Here Hannah Thorogood offers an understanding of the climate benefits of grazing animals when they’re managed the way nature intended.

Find the full discussion with Hannah: Evolving our Local Food System (Hannah’s input starts at around 40:22)

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Regenerative Agriculture

One of the most significant impacts we can make to the health of our planet is to take a fresh look at the way that we produce our food.

Dive in Deeper:

Have a listen to this special compilation episode of the podcast that brings together a range of voices to underline The Significance of Regenerative Agriculture: For Healing People & Climate.

Watch this intro animation for an overview of what this alternative approach to farming is actually about.

Learning from the Experts

It’s been a privilege to have deep conversations with specialists from across the globe to gain insights into regenerative farming practices from a range of perspectives and experiences.

Watch these short snippets for an intro to some of the concepts.

And find a link below each video for the full length discussion.

The full discussion with Caroline Grindrod:
Understanding Regenerative Agriculture

The full discussion with Finian Makepeace:
We Can Regenerate!

A Closer Look at Soil Health

The full discussion with Dr Christo Miliotis:
Soil – Living Support for Plants & Climate!

The full discussion featuring Martin Taylor:
Evolving the Local Food System

Biome Makers comissioned me to create this animation to celebrate Wold Soil Day 2022 & build wider awareness of the incredible role that the soil microbiome plays in the health and resisilence of our food supply.

You can learn more about commissioning an animation for your own work here.

The Soil Microbiome

Biome Makers are taking the global understanding of soil life to an ever deeper level.
They’re growing database of microbial life uses DNA profiling to gain practical insights into the roles and relationships within soil life communities.

The Purpose?
To support a faster, easier transition for farmers across the globe as they adopt more regenerative practises.

Find a full discussion with Biome Makers cofounder Adrian Ferrero here: Data for Transition – Decoding Soil Biology!

Creating a Local Food System

The full discussion featuring Laura Stratford:
Evolving the Local Food System

The full discussion with Peter Lundgard:
How to Farm Regeneratively – In 12 Steps!

Diet & Nutrition

Healthy Soil = Nutritious Food = Healthy People!

The connection between the health of our planet and the health of ourselves is profound.

It’s a topic that we’ll continually dive into.
Find full full length discusions below:

The full discussion with Michelle Gilman:
Food Systems – For Healthy People and Planet!

A Circular Economy

Our impact on soil, ecosystems and the climate goes well beyond how we produce our food!

The systems that our societies have been built on have heavy dependancy upon fossil fuels, cause detriment to the natural world and rapidly move resources from source, to use, to landfill.

The topic of a circular economy is vast. 
In it’s essence it would redesign our approach to society so that resources can be reutilised in a continuous loop to minimise the impact that our material needs are causing.

I prefer to think beyond circular, take things a step further and consider how we can build a regenerative economy instead.

Working with nature allows us to see the possibility of abundance rather than restriction.
It requires us to consider new approaches to the array of areas within our lives.

Watch the short snippets below for an intro to some of the concepts.

And find a link below each video for the full length discussion.

Rethinking Waste

The full discussion with Lara Hussein:
Waste to Resource – The Power of Composting!

Regenerative Materials

The full discussion with Cade Frost:
The Potential of Bioplastics!

The full discussion with Mandi Kerr:
Evolve Away From Fossil Fuels!

Living Buildings comissioned me to create this animation to celebrate the launch of their new initiative. You can think of this as an introduction to the overarching topic of regenerative architecture!

You can learn more about commissioning an animation for your own work here.

Regeneration and the Built Environment

Acknowledging Our Impact

It isn’t possible to make one giant leap to a new regenerative world.
Instead it’s a process of putting one foot in front of the other and heading in the right direction (which may become a route filled with twists and turns!).

Whether we’re considering our business or our grocery shop there are many ways that we can implement change.

Zooming out and seeing the connection that our own world has to the world around us can be a great way to identify how we might make a shift!

The full discussion with Brennan Spellacy:
Understanding Carbon Offsetting!

The full discussion with Nicola Peel:
Let’s Value Biodiversity & Standing Carbon!

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