Join Us in Building a Regenerative Economy??

by Helen Fisher

The Experiment Proposal:


  • A six week cohort experience focused on identifying & exploring opportunities for building steps towards a regenerative economy.

  • Structured as an online network with 24/7 access together with a weekly online presentation & group workshop.

  • Providing a place to make connections, find inspiration & reach out for help and feedback for your own project.

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    Is it For Me?

    • Are you taking regenerative steps within your own work and eager to find opportunities to share or learn more, and build beneficial partnerships?
    • Or perhaps you’re eager to make a difference and simply don’t know where to start?
    • Or feeling fed up of seeing opportunities missed because our World’s problems are still being approached with a tunnel vision that keeps us away from huge potential for healing and regeneration?

    There are no specific requirements for getting involved; your work could be in any industry and any location, and you don’t even need to be employed or have prior knowledge of any of the topics we’ll focus on.
    But you’ll get much more out of the experience if you’ve arrived here because you already have a passion for regeneration, you think somewhat holistically and you want to engage with people who share in that passion.

    If you’re unsure if you’re a good match then feel free to reach out to me and ask a few questions.

    Listen to this short podcast episode to find out if you resonate with my thinking:

    A Regenerative Economy – Where Serving Our Needs Supports Nature’s Needs Too.

    Our ambition is to identify how to build new links between various points along supply chains.
    With a heavy (but not exclusive) focus on the power of establishing local community relationships.
    Along with considering how the consumer (and buyers within businesses) can be further engaged with the journey of the items they purchase.

    What Would I Be Signing Up To Do?

    This is an experimental, informal and bare bones online experience.
    A six week phase of trialing ideas and creating a space to voice opinions, knowledge and difficulties.

    The focus will start broad as we include the points of view across many industries.
    As we progress we’ll hone in on a handful of more specific focuses that best serve the group.

    It seeks to offer value to all involved within that period of time itself.
    But it’s also setting out with a clear goal of identifying what will become the early focuses of an ongoing network.

    Once completed we’ll strive to add more polish to the experience within the network along with creating actionable resources to help meet the needs of the members’, all based around building links and solutions within an ever evolving regenerative economy.¬†

    Signing up means taking part in the six week trial phase.
    There are no expectations of you though we’ll all get the most out of this by making a habit of signing in and participating with what’s going on inside.
    I’ll keep things structured, meaningful and flowing and it should all become much clearer once you’re logged in!

    When Will it Take Place?

    • Our first live session will be on the 9th September.
    • This experiment phase will continue for a six week period.
    • This is an online network that you can sign in to and access at any time throughout that period.
    • There will be live group calls scheduled in along the way but that content will also be made available after, for if you’re unable to join live.

    What Happens Afterwards?

    The loose plan is to continue the network with a fine tuned and ever evolving structure based on the needs of the members.

    At the end of the six weeks you’ll have the option to continue to be part of the network or
    simply end your interaction at that point, hopefully with plenty of inspiration, knowledge and connections to take away with you!

    How Can I Join In?

    This six week trial will be available in its entirety free of charge.

    There are no requirements for joining, however I will tailor numbers back if I feel the amount of applications is too high for the type of interaction that I’d like to create within this ‘experiment’ phase.

    With that in mind, you can express your interest using this sign up form & I’ll get in touch with further info:

    Use this form to show your interest.
    Please offer a sentence or two about what you do and why you’d be excited to take part.

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    Helen Fisher

    Helen Fisher

    The Host

    I take a very holistic view of the world and find enormous hope when we expand our thinking outwards and consider our issues as interconnected.

    So it’s a huge delight for me to have the opportunity to speak with so many varied personalities here through the ‘We Are Carbon’ podcast.
    I hope you’ll enjoy learning along with me and getting involved in the additional opportunities and experiences that I’m building.

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