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Short digestible videos to help illustrate some of the key concepts that we’re exploring!

Since we all eat everyday our food choices are one of our biggest consumer powers. But it can easily becoming confusing, overwhelming or impractical to consider changing our habits.
Getting an understanding of what regenerative agriculture is and how it helps both the environment & our health can be a great first step within all of this.

While we’re all busy in our lives it’s easy to overlook the significance that we actually have as an individual when it comes to impacting the world around us. This series of animations is designed to help us get a clearer understanding of how things work so we can reconnect with where our stuff comes from, and perhaps more importantly, reconnect with our relationship to nature.
When nature thrives, we can thrive – it’s a simple concept but something that we’ve very much neglected to recognise in our modern world.

I’ll be adding further animations here to illustrate some of the concepts we’re covering in the podcasts.

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‘We Are Carbon’ sets out to turn our current ‘climate crisis’ on it’s head.

To consider not where we need to restrict, but how we can heal and rebalance our planet while providing ourselves with lives that are abundant.

It’s an ambition that needs a lot of consideration.
It requires bringing together depths of knowledge and scientific understanding on topics as broad as eco-systems, agriculture, technology, business, finance & more.

It requires to be looked at from various perspectives, from factual data to visionary openness.

To do a thorough job of this I’ve decided to use multiple formats:
- a podcast for indepth discussion
- animations to illustrate key concepts
- and in the long term, a documentary to bring it all together

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