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Examples for Arts Council grant application.

Digital concept art for ‘We Are Carbon’ children’s book (works in progress).

Childrens Book Text:

[p1 – 2]
is for Atmosphere, it starts way up high,

B is for Building Blocks up in the sky

[p3 – 4]
C is for Carbon,
Coming Down to the Earth.

Feeding the Forest where much life is birthed.

[p5 -6]
G is for Grass, it’s nutritious and green,

H is for Herd, all around they are seen.

[p7 – 8]
Inside dark places Insects busy away.

Jiggling snails leave trails where they play.

[p9 – 10]
The Key to success is to work as a team,

Looking after the land while meeting all needs.

[p11 – 12]
M is for Meadow,
Where Nature’s Open and bright,
Pollinators Party with Plants day and night.

[13 – 14]
Q is for Quality,
R is for Rest.
Both we must have to be at our best.

[p15 – 16]
S is for Soil,
It’s Time to repeat.
To Transform what’s been grown, right there at our feet.

[p17 – 18]
U is for Underwater, we shouldn’t forget,
It’s all as important, the Very tiny, Very Large & even the Very Very wet!

[p19- 20]
Nature is Wise, let her have her say,
To give us the vision as clear as an X-ray.

Yes! She knows how to look after the Earth, and You and me.

Zoomin & Zoom out, you’ll be able to see!

Commisioned Animation for Biome Makers:

Example of Podcast Episode:

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